When I started Retro-Garage in 1993 the company's main activity was the repair and servicing of D-models including the sale of spareparts. Since then the focus has shifted towards importing classic cars from France, in particular those in fine original condition. These cars are not necessarily as immaculate as showroom cars, but they are in original, unspoilt condition, often in original paint, unwelded, unrestored and quite often have a low mileage too. Such cars present the very best basis for sound and thorough restoration, at a pace at which you can afford.
I am co-operating with the best craftsmen in Denmark who will carry out any restoration if neccessary, although I might add that many of my cars are in such fine original condition, that it would be sacrilege to do anything other than restoring minor details.  
My sparepart stock for ID/DS is quite extensive and Retro-Garage will soon be expanding its stock to include CX parts. Another of Retro-Garage's specialities is refilling suspension spheres while they are mounted on the car itself. This method involves initially fitting special valves and dispenses with the need to dismount the spheres during refilling.


Pipe Flaring Tool
added: 2012-03-16 21:02:06

Pipe flaringtool at competitive price now available. Performs 3,5, 4,5 and 6,35mm

Citroën flares. Can be extended to normal inch flares.