Welcome to Retro-Garage a registered company on january 1st. 1993, but the background to the company goes as far back as 1961, the year my father replaced his Peugeot 403 familiale, with a brand new lightblue Citroën ID19 confort. This was later followed by three other D-models and later again by its descendants; CX,GS,GSA.   
Anyone who has been brought up with D-models knows, that the fascination of this unique car never fades away. I bought my first D-model, a 1974 D. Special, in 1983.
That particular car was the main reason I got into the business of dealing with classic French cars.
The car was a complete disaster. It had been neclected to such an extend, that restoration was not at all advisable.
However a combination of bad advice and my lack of knowledge at the time, led to the unfortunate process of restoring the car. 
And worst of all, at the end I was forced to acknowledge, that a badly neclected car, could never match up to an original car that needs little or no welding done and which often has a low mileage.
The best thing to come out of this tortuous experience, was that I learnt everything about the D-model the hard way. Most importantly of all, I learnt what not to do if you are striving to achieve the best result without wasting precious time and money. 


Part two

Updated March 2017

Pipe Flaring Tool
added: 2012-03-16 21:02:06

Pipe flaringtool at competitive price now available. Performs 3,5, 4,5 and 6,35mm

Citroën flares. Can be extended to normal inch flares.