I currently have these cars for sale:

Ami 6 Berline, first reg. 26/5, 1967. Price 50.000,-DKK incl. VAT, (6.666,-€) excl. DK reg. tax.
BX GTI 5 speed, first reg. 17/08-88 Price 65.000,-DKK incl. VAT (8.666,-€), excl. DK reg. tax
BX GTI Mill�sime, first reg. 7/4, 1993 48.000DKK (6400,-EUR) excluding danish registration tax.
GS 1015 first reg. 7/6 1972 Price 40.000,-DKK incl. VAT, excl.DK reg.tax (5.333,-€)

Pipe Flaring Tool
added: 2012-03-16 21:02:06

Pipe flaringtool at competitive price now available. Performs 3,5, 4,5 and 6,35mm

Citroën flares. Can be extended to normal inch flares.